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Sunday, January 6, 2019

A lot of my friends believe that I am unduly patient with our President.  I disagree, probably, in part, at least, because i spent thirty years in government service.  During that time, I had a variety of superior officers in my life.  In each of those phases of my career, I tried my very best to help make our efforts successful. In some cases it required me to argue with my superiors.  Some arguments I won and some I lost.  I never saw any advantage in trying to destroy those with whom I disagreed.  The better course of action was to help them find a better way forward.  I see society’s responsibility vis-a-vis a duly elected president to be similar.  

For one element of society to try to destroy a president is to set themselves against those that elected that president and that is guaranteed to destroy not just the president but the society as well.   In my humble opinion, we, here in the United States, are doing precisely that.  We are not arguing about policies, we are hating an individual without reference to policies.  In my opinion, this president and his predecessors have gotten some things exactly right and some things very wrong.  Were we to address those policies in a meaningful way, we would be strengthening our nation.  By ignoring policies and concentrating on emotion we, not our particular president of the moment, are taking a wonderful country directly into a very deep cesspool.  

Tell me again why I should not think us to be stupid beyond belief.

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