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Friday, April 5, 2024

Not bringing Russia into the family of nations was a colossal error, but it need not be fatal.

 Anyone that has read my various articles regarding the ridiculous war in Ukraine knows that I have long argued that we should have phased NATO out following our defeat of the Soviet Union and worked to bring Russia into the family of nations.  Our failure to do that, coupled with Putin’s successful political career inside Russia, has been a colossal mistake of epic proportions that has resulted in enormous harm to peoples all over the world.  One of the more important results has been a change in Russian society, wherein the number of Russians that favored a more acceptable relationship with Western Europe and the United States has been significantly diminished.  Some have fled Russia, some have succumbed to patriotism, some have mysteriously fallen out of hospital windows, and many have retreated into themselves for self-preservation.  The result is that today’s Russia is very different than the Russia that existed when I left government service almost half a century ago, and the difference is definitely not good.  

Another very important result of American leadership ineptitude has been the coalescing of Russian, Chinese and Iranian foreign polices that adversely impact our place in the world.  All of this combined with the unbelievable, inexcusable stupidity that is currently roiling our own domestic politics has created an extremely serious situation that badly needs our, your and my, attention.  Attention that we are not giving it.  We are, instead, mindlessly focused on an attempt to perfect our own society.  I completely agree that America is far from a perfect place and various glaring injustices need to be resolved, but I argue that we have a more immediate problem that we are consciously refusing to address and that is self-preservation.  If you stand back and look at the world today honestly, you will see a frightening level of violence that is spiraling out of control.  Nowhere do we see trend lines that indicate that things are getting better between the various antagonists and I particularly dislike China’s increasing importance in the totality of world affairs.  I see Russia as being an immediate threat because it is ruled by a megalomaniac and has a formidable supply of very powerful nuclear weapons sitting on top of accurate ballistic missiles, some of which are hypersonic, and most of which are programmed to hit various American cities in a matter of minutes after launch.  I am long out of touch, but I assume that China has not yet put their own nuclear strike capability in shape to support a nuclear exchange with the United States, but I can see unclassified evidence that they are entrain to accomplishing that in a disturbingly short period of time.

One of the stupidities that plague us, you and me, is the “knowledge” that we will win any exchange that might arise with any foreign antagonist.  We are, after all, the “most powerful” nation in the history of the world.  In order to believe this poppy cock, we avoid knowing that in today’s world a single ballistic missile can be outfitted with multiple nuclear warheads, each of which, is individually targeted with explosive packages that are more powerful than the archaic nuclear bombs that destroyed Nagasaki and Hiroshima.  “Winning” that kind of a war is an idiotic euphemism.  Today’s world has some serious “technologic developments” that need to be understood before you engage in “standing up to aggression” in the name of “protecting democracy” in “the Free World.”  My own position further complicates the situation because I refuse to bow to either Moscow, Beijing or Teheran.  None of those regimes are attractive to me and I am willing to die rather than be ruled by one or another of them.

This is not an idle passing fancy on my part.  I have already, on multiple occasions, put my own ass on the line to defend this country from lessor evils.  I am frankly disgusted with far too many people sucking at Washington’s teat, that are unwilling “to serve” and insist on perfecting American democracy while simultaneously stifling debate and being happy as their principal objectives in life.  We are building an artificial world that we intently mind hourly on our various "devices," while simultaneously ignoring the real world that is closing in and actually crossing our non-existent borders; all the while, yammering about the age of the fetus, the price of gasoline, the number of chips in the bag, the proper use of pronouns, and our precious feelings.  Biden is a crook and Trump is a megalomaniac.  Get over it.  If you want to defend America, volunteer for service, take your stupid mask off and talk to a neighbor or two face to face about substantive stuff, stop hiding in your stupid phone full of trash, and quit denying everything that you can see with your own two eyes at home and abroad in your pitiful effort to be happy.  There is a whole world out there that is definitely not happy.  It is a problem that is in the process of biting us in the ass and it needs to be addressed by you and me. 

Strong letter to follow. 

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