Greater Krueger National Park

Greater Krueger National Park
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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Budget Negotiating Committee

Paul Ryan and Patty Murray along with 27 other senators and congressmen have commenced their meetings on the budget mess.  Their opening statements were positive and hopeful, but very real differences continue to exist between the two sides.  I am hopeful that a compromise can be achieved in these meetings, but worry that entrenched partisans on both sides of the aisle may attempt to block Congressional action prior to the next set of deadlines at the turn of the year.

If any of the players are listening, I humbly request that they do their job and reach a pragmatic solution to our financial problems.  I could care less if the solution fits either side’s ideological position.  What we need is some honest common sense applied to problems that could destroy our very way of life.  I suggest that the compromise should be some reduction in spending and entitlements matched with some increase in revenue through reform of tax loopholes.

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