Greater Krueger National Park

Greater Krueger National Park
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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Affordable Health Care Act and President Obama

During the last four or five years, President Obama told us repeatedly that we could keep our health plan and our doctor.  He did not tell us that the Affordable Health Care Act would eliminate many of the health care plans that we like nor that the new plans would require that we go to certain specific doctors.  Word is that this inconsistency was not a misunderstanding.  The White House knew that what the President was saying was not true as much as three years ago.

Some Obama supporters are saying that the President did not know that he was telling an untruth.  I find that extremely hard to believe, but I suppose that it might possibly be true.  There are, after all, a number of other things that have gone dramatically wrong in the last few years that he has told us he did not know anything about.  He didn't know that the IRS was targeting conservatives in an effort to reduce their political effectiveness during the last election cycle.  He didn't know anything about Fast and Furious until it killed one of our own.   He didn't know that Ambassador Stevens was pleading for more security in the face of a certain al Queda attack in Benghazi.  He didn't know that the Justice Department was hasseling reporters.  Today, he tells us that he doesn't know much of anything about NSA's listening in on our telephone calls and reading our email.  And now the subject is our health.  One of two things is true here.  Either he is saying things that he knows are untrue or he is not doing his job (or both).

I completely agree that our healthcare system needs to be modernized, but I do not believe that this is the way to do it.  In fact, I am so angry that I am almost ready to start listening to Ted Cruz.  If Obama is going to destroy our lives and the future of this nation anyway, why should we just sit back and do nothing?

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