Greater Krueger National Park

Greater Krueger National Park
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Monday, December 5, 2011

Huckabee and the GOP hopefuls.

I saw about half of the Huckabee television show last night and wish that I had seen it all.  It was by far the most intelligent forum that I have seen this electoral season.  The three attorneys general asked excellent questions and the various candidates had enough time to actually answer them.  I did not notice any gotcha being played anywhere along the line.  The reason that I did not see the whole program was that I do not regularly watch Huckabee.  I like the man, agree with many of his political positions but am not a fan of his show.  Here, however, I take my hat off to him.  I join him in suggesting this format for more of these forum type candidate "debates."

I am one of those conservatives who can support Mitt Romney if he is to be our candidate, but I confess to be drawn more and more toward Newt Gingrich as my personal favorite of all of the candidates still standing.  I honestly do not understand the "electability" argument for any of the candidates and I do not see how any of the political pundits can argue that one or the other of these candidates is more electable in the general election.  I do not believe that anyone has a crystal ball that is that clear and suspect that most of those claims are being made by supporters of one or the other candidates.  From a purely intellectual point of view, I would genuinely like to watch a head to head debate between Gingrich and Obama.  I think that it would frame this election correctly for the average voter and lead to an accurate presidential decision by the general public. 

I see Gingrich's past involvement in government as a positive and feel that those who want to put an amateur in the Oval Office are naive.  (See previous post.)  Romney certainly has enough government experience to handle the job, but I like Gingrich's imaginative approach to problem solving.  I believe that both men can probably address most of the front burner issues facing this country, but I suspect that a President Gingrich just might actually be able to find solutions that pull us back together as a people.  I like the way in which then Speaker Gingrich and President Bill Clinton worked together on subjects like Welfare Reform.